‘One Day through the Rosary and Scapular I will save the world. ‘

Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Dominic: ‘Wear your Scapular Always!’ It is worn by those consecrated to Our Lady.

“Work so that She may be loved and served by you and by the world.”   (Pope Pius XII)

Kiss the Scapular frequently; it is a sign of respect for Our Lady.

Has Our Lady Herself reminded us of the Scapular devotion?

Yes. At the moment of the great miracle of Fatima, She appeared in the garb of our Lady of Mount Carmel, reaching down towards the crowd Her centuries-old sign of affiliation, the Brown Scapular.She wants us to live the true consecration to Her, which the Scapular means, to make our lives truly worthy of Her so that Her promise of eternal salvation may be fulfilled for each one of us.


 Does enrolment in the Scapular have to be done by a Carmelite priest?

At one time enrolment in the Scapular had to be done by a Carmelite priest or by one holding the required faculties.

Now all priests, religious or diocesan, may confer the Scapular provided they are approved for hearing Confession.



In what other ways do Catholics show special devotion to Our Lady?

First and foremost by the exercise of the True Faith which leads us to appreciate the Mother of Jesus for what She truly is. Then we are moved to become like Her in some small way. The children of Our Lady show their love for Her by reciting the Holy Rosary, visiting Her shrines, by observing the five first Saturdays, wearing Her Scapular and Miraculous Medal, etc.

Brown Scapular with Holy Medal

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Has the Church approved of the Scapular Devotion?

The Sovereign Pontiffs have given the greatest number of approbations to the Brown Scapular, more than to any other confraternity. (Card. H. Vaughan). Pope Paul VI wrote:

“Among the practices, commended by the Second Vatican Council, we would mention by name the Marian Rosary and the devout use of the Scapular of Carmel. For this Scapular is a form of piety which is adapted to all minds by reason of its simplicity and has become universally widespread among the faithful, producing many and happy fruits.”

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Must the Scapular be blessed each time it is renewed?

No. The Scapular is blessed by a priest when a person is first invested in it, and a new Scapular does not require another blessing or enrolment.

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Pope John Paul II Vatican City, 25 March 2001.

“I too have worn the Scapular of Carmel over my heart for a long time! Out of my love for our common heavenly Mother, whose protection I constantly experience, I hope that this Marian year will help all the men and women religious of Carmel! and the devout faithful who venerate her with filial affection to grow in her love and to radiate to the world the presence of this Woman of silence and prayer, invoked as Mother of Mercy, Mother of Hope and Grace.”

Brown Scapular with Holy Medal

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